Saturday, 2 January 2010

Unexpected Day Out

Whilst just coming around from our lazy morning, the telephone rang. It was Sally-Ann to see if we wanted to join them, Pam and the boys, Jamie, Phill and Simon, in a trip to Falmouth and a little sneaky treat of something nice at the boat club.

Well, I said, I'm about the go the Tesco to do the weeks shopping...... give me 5 minutes and we'll be ready. Oh now come on! Falmouth. Tesco. No brainer really is it!

Jamie pulled up a few minutes later with a car full of excited explorers, and we followed them over to Falmouth and parked up.

The main order of the day..... A cuppa and a giant toasted tea cake at the boat club. The weather was fantastic, with blue skies and the boats tinkled away in their moorings looking back at us as we ate.

Once our bodies were fully charged again, Phill, Simon, Sally-Ann and I left the rest of them and headed off to our favourite store for a mooch. Trago didn't get much business today from us, as the sale prices are only in play on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, but at least we got a chance to do a pre rekkie to decide if the journey was worth a 2nd trip in one week.

We rejoined the rest of the gang a little later and decided to head off to Pendennis Point for the obligatory ice-cream. Yes it is freezing cold but it has to be done OK!

Having enjoyed our ice creams, we made arrangements to go to the beach with the dogs tomorrow, and then we headed off home for the shopping list and the trip to Tesco that we had been putting off.

What a lovely morning, and a great start to 2010.


  1. Your new template looks fabulous. I had used Cutest Blog on the Block for my last two looks and they worked flawlessly.
    Now I tried the new one from someone else and I am having lots of problems. I can no longer edit the size of anything other than the size of my menu at the top and the actual post words.
    Now when it comes to choosing between a grocery shop or the beach I wouldn't even hesitate. Good choice.
    BTW you use words I have never heard of before...rekkie, mooch, Tesco?

  2. Hi Lori
    Thanks for your comments, but you do make me laugh as I forget that some of my followers are from overseas!

    Firstly Tesco - this is a large supermarket the likes of your Walmart is the nearest I can think of.

    To Mooch - this is to wander and look at things with no real plan or idea of what you want in mind, just to be nosey at what is on the shelves of the stores.

    To Rekkie - this is my shortened term for reconoitre - again another meaning for check out I suppose....

    Hope this helps you to understand my barmy british dialogue xx

  3. Kind of what I figured. You say crisps and we say chips. You say chips and we say french fries. You say biscuits and we say crackers.
    As long as I am getting fed I don't care what we call it.
    Thanks for the translation.

  4. Hi Joanne

    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    Love your latest post, looked like it was a lovely day. Definitely a no brainer, the beach or Tesco.

    Loved Lori's comments about the use of words she doesn't understand! Sometimes when you do a post you tend to forget that bloggers from other countries don't use the same words as us, but it's the same for me when I read some of theirs, I have to start thinking about what they mean. I suppose that's what make us, us'
    ; and I don't think it's barmy British, understood you quite clearly. Even here we have our different dialects that people from other areas don't understand. My hubby often tries to use words we Geordies use but invariably gets them wrong!!!!!!

    Happy New Year, seems like you got it off to a great beginning.