Saturday, 25 September 2010

Crafty Savings.....

I've been really looking forward to this weekend, not only is it all that bit nearer to the 7th and my birthday, but it is also a weekend away in our Varacan, stopping once again at Barley Meadow, on Dartmoor.
The reason for the trip? There is a huge craft show on at Westpoint Arena in Exeter, and I need to buy lots and lots of card stock, brads, vellum, glitter card and much, much more!
No! I'm not going mad! I'm very excited to tell you all that I have been asked to do the wedding stationary for some friends of ours - my first ever bulk card order for one single event. My only guidelines were that it had to include a particular colour - No I can't tell you, you'll have to wait until November next year LOL. They had seen the samples, and decided on the design and now it was time to buy the stock to make them all.
Anyway, getting back to the story....
We arrived on the camp site at 3.30pm on Friday afternoon, after an uneventful drive up the A30, and settled in for the evening, relaxing in readiness for the events of today.

The show opened at 09.30, and Paul pulled up outside the arena to drop me off at 10.00am - I don't think I even said goodbye to him - I was off like a shot!
There were coffee bars, doughnut stands and crepes for sale outside, but I had come prepared with a ham salad wrap in my handbag for my lunch.

Inside it was heaving with people already, and my first task of the day was to wander up and down each aisle to establish what was on offer and which Companies were in attendance.

I'm glad to say that within 10 minutes of arriving I had found the item I had thought I was least likely to be able to get.
My searches continued to bring me luck, and I was able to call Paul to come and collect me for the 1.30pm time slot we had originally estimated.
Paul, in the meantime, was spending some quality time with his favourite canine chap, Fred. After dropping me off at Exeter, they then headed back down to Fingle Bridge, and a lovely walk that they had both been looking forward to.
Whilst there he managed to get these lovely picture on his Blackberry Curve Smart Phone - not bad for 2 mega pixels if you ask me.

From Exeter, we drove across to Newton Abbott for the obligatory trip around Trago Mills

We had an hours wander around, and then drove back to our varacan for some supper and a chill out in front of the TV.

A great pre-birthday break with loads of crafty savings on the stock I needed for the wedding stationary - Woo Hoo!


  1. how fun, camping trip mixed with craft fair! Why it sounds heavenly to me!

  2. I agree with the lady above...camping & craft fair all in the same day...What Fun!
    Thankyou so much for the Warm welcome back to blog Land. It is lovely to see you all and catch up...feels like you are all old friends and I've missed so much of what you have all been up to! Been having a good read & catch up!
    Love & Hugs X

  3. Happy Birthday Jo - I didn't realise it was today.

    Pleased you found what you needed for the wedding stationery. I still have to buy a few more things for the wedding stationery I am doing. I will begin the embossing after the half-term holiday I think, then probably do the printing in the Christmas break as all the invitations need to be ready to send out by the end of February.

  4. Hope you had a lovely holiday, I've missed your blog the last 2 weeks!! Thank you for my lovely card and pressie - you're a much-loved daughter-in-law!!!! You've bought me a amber bead and half a gold-dipped bead (Keith bought the other half with another amber bead) for my gold bracelet - it's starting to look really nice. Thank you!!! Love you both,Mom xxxx