Sunday, 12 September 2010

Restful Restormel

It's the AGM for the MX-5 Owners Club today. Everyone is going for a convoy drive and then stopping at the Jubilee Inn, Pelynt for Sunday Lunch, followed by the AGM in the garden at the rear of the Inn.
As Mike has not long had his eye surgery, and is still bothered by the sun, he did not want to risk doing the club run, but suggested a gentle drive up towards Lostwithiel, and a wander and picnic at Restormel Castle.

My dilemma? Paul had already arranged to go to watch a hill climb up at St Austell, and as this one has not taken place for the last two years, did not want to miss it.
For those of you that know me, you will be aware that I am not at all confident driving any distance, ever since a car side swiped us about 11 years ago. Travelling in a car is a very real fear for me, and I constantly send my poor husband do-lally with my screeches and cries whilst I am a passenger.
I declined the offer to join Mike and Sally-Ann, despite having wanted to go to Restormel for some time.
After a day of searching for craft stuff (for a secret project, that I can only tell you about once I have permission!) I decided that I really did not want to miss out on this opportunity, and in a moment of bravery, I texted Sally-Ann and said I would meet them the following morning at our usual spot, and follow them up country. OMG! Panic!

We got up early and when I came down from my shower, found that Paul had made me a lovely picnic to take with me. All I had to do now was to calm down and do the drive!
I met the others at North Country, and Sally-Ann reassured me by saying we would be driving all of the roads that I was very familiar with, if only as a passenger, so there should be no surprises for me.
And off we went....
... and as you can see from the piccies, I did it! I was so very proud of myself. I know that an hours drive up the road is nothing to any 'normal' person, but this was a huge, huge achievement for me, and I am so glad that I went.

The Castle is set up high, in beautiful Cornish countryside, and the whole place has a fantastic and calming atmosphere about it.

Sometime when you go to these sort of places, you can almost feel the fear of battle or tears of heartache that are held within the walls of the building, but this place is totally different.

The skies were a glorious blue, and the whole drive up was done with the lids down on our little sports cars, making the trip even more wonderful.

Having walked the upper walls and looked in on the rooms from above, we wandered back over the dry moat and sat at a picnic table to eat our lunch.

It was then time to look once more inside before a wander around the external walls of the Castle and some more pictures of this beautiful place.

From here we headed over to Pelynt for the AGM, and then back home.
I am so thrilled that I plucked up the courage to do this, and thoroughly enjoyed my day. I just hope that I can get the nerve up again soon to do something else, and keep the momentum going.
Thanks for inviting me to join you Sally-Ann and Mike.xx

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  1. Oh Jo, you were very brave. I didn't realise you had this fear of driving. Well done you.

    Personally I drive as a necessity not for pleasure and would never want to do it as a job like my husband does. He's only ever done jobs that entail driving, motorway police, milkman, coach driver, lorry driver, taxi driver!!!!! It's about the only thing he does well (not only my words, his too).

    Whenever we go anywhere together I always try to get him to drive but there are times when I have to travel on my own or with MN so I have to do all the driving. I ferry MN from college and back and to drama classes etc. When we visit my sister it's usually just MN and I who go which is about 280 miles (as BB can't afford to be away from work for 2 weeks every year). I do hate the idea for a few days before the journey but once we set off I am fine, although I am not keen on driving on the motorway!!!!

    You wouldn't believe I've been driving since 1974 when I was 18 - seemed like a good idea to learn at the time - none of my friends drove back then so it was usually me who had to take my car and be the taxi driver.

    I've kept checking in here to see if you have posted again so I'm pleased you have now.