Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Satellite Solutions

Strictly Come Dancing is coming to our screens once more, however, Sally-Ann and Mike will be on a camp site up country, that does not have a great TV signal...... that's the reasoning behind buying a satellite dish - Yep! Strictly Come Dancing has a lot to answer for!

As we are away ourselves at the weekend, we all decided to pile down to the lock up, to try and set up the system and test it out, ensuring that it was working for their trip.

Talk about a black and white movie sketch! Have you seen those old Harold Lloyd or Laurel and Hardy movies where no-one has a clue what they are supposed to do, but they all have a go anyway, LOL!

Sally-Ann and I decided to make use of our special talents and sat in the RV chatting and calling out suggestions through the open door!

We all soon gave up, but luckily there is a TV repair bloke that lives in the same village as Sally-Ann and Mike, and he advised then that we had done it all correctly, we were just trying to link to the wrong satellite! We received the above picture after they had arrived on site and set up - just in time for Friday nights first show - Hooray!


  1. what a coincidence! I have the same special talent!
    I have never heard of that show you mentioned, but I am glad you were able to watch it!

  2. I can just imagine you and Sally-Ann shouting out to the boys!

    Pleased to hear they managed to see Strictly. I watched it too.

  3. I was glad to see someone in the photo was actually looking in the manual,my hubby NEVER looks at the instructions to anything !! then wonders why things do not work, or there are bits left over.I ,too am good at giving advice??or perhaps criticism ?? from afar.
    Happy viewing.

  4. Hi Jo

    Don't worry about not stopping by to comment recently as you have your mind on other things. I'm guilty of the same at the moment, too busy making Christmas cards just now and also trying to work out what else I need to purchase for the wedding stationery when I am up home at the end of the month.

    My husband never reads instructions either unless I'm helping do the task and I insist on checking out the instructions, although if I can I will do the assembly on my own, saves arguments and harrassment in my opinion!