Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Doors and Windows!

Forgive me, for forgetting to get a before picture, but I was side tracked, ordering Emily's flowers!
Sooooo: the old door came out after some pretty heavy duty banging and pulling on behalf of the window / door fitter. These had only been organise two weeks ago, and suddenly it was all happening, and we would soon have a watertight door.
Before long the framework had gone into place, and everything was screwed in

and it was just finishing strips to completed the door and make it all beautiful one more!

Then it was off upstairs to the bathroom - normally a very cold and draughty place as the seals on the previous window did not work!

out came the old one - leaving a pretty awful gap

and in went the new one. - Beautiful! Once the new sill was in place it made the bathroom a haven of warmth.

Great job, messy, but worth it. I want some of the others doing now that's the only problem! Think we need to save up and do them one at a time!


  1. You will be so much warmer with those Jo, we're not used to cold down here and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling it!

  2. Just in time for the cold weather Jo. Sure you'll be much more snug now.