Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Farewell To Emily...

Before I tell you about our day, I just want to say thank you so much to everyone for their support and kind words. Our friends have been marvellous, and between them all, have made these last few weeks bearable. Many thanks to Sally-Ann, Mike, Alison K, Kelly, Mandy, Sharon, Alison P, Alison T and Yvonne. I apologise if I have not mentioned you, but you know that I love you all and thank you with all my heart.

Moving on to the day....
Emily's 'Party' is today, in Bournemouth. The only stipulation that has been made for the day is that everyone take a pink helium balloon for her.
As we are a 10 hour round trip from my family, they suggested that we not make the trip, but that we celebrate her life at the same time here in Cornwall, as the service in Bournemouth.
I ordered the pink balloons from Clinton's, and went up to collect them at 11am on the day. The girls in the shop were wonderful. As soon as I walked in they knew that I was the lady wanting the pink balloons for a funeral. Whilst one of the girls went to get them for me, the girl on the til (who was not there when I ordered them, so I had not met) advised me that they thought we might like some little pink cards to attach to each balloon with our messages, and so they had put some in the balloon bag for me. Needless to say, their kindness bought a few tears on my part.

I had also bought some blow up balloons to make the numbers up to 16, and attached them to the helium balloons and tied them all in a 'bouquet' ready for the release later.

Sally-Ann and Mike arrived at our home at 12 midday, ready for the drive up to Carn Brea.
The weather was glorious, and despite the chill in the air, which meant that I covered up my pink jumper with my hideous jacket, the walk up to the monument showed up views for miles.

We then took the photo's for Sandra, so that I could send them to her, to show what we had done for Emily

Having waited for the release time, which San had advised would be 1pm or just before, we counted to 3 and I released the balloons into the atmosphere.

They took off in the direction of the Lizard, and lifted higher and higher into the sky

It was a beautiful sight to see, and such a wonderful tribute to our special little girl.
RIP Emily Charlotte Rose, we love you so much.


  1. Oh, Jo, that is so lovely. I have tears in my eyes reading this and I didn't even know Emily. Such a sad time, but a lovely gesture and the sun shone too.

  2. That's a beautiful way to say goodbye. I'm so sorry for your loss x x