Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hospital Visit

We had some bad news last night. Paul's Dad has taken a turn for the worse. His chemo seems to be really affecting him, and his kidneys are objecting.
He was taken into Royal Cornwall, so that they could keep an eye on him, and rehydrate him.
Having parked up on the park and ride, we got off the bus at the hospital, and made our way towards Trelawney Wing. As we were walking up we could hear the helicopter coming in to land on the helipad just behind us.
I could not decide if I was being morbid or not, but either way I was fascinated at watching a helicopter come in to land to close to where I was, and so got out my trusty BlackBerry to get some clicks!

Having taken my pictures we walked on through to see Mel, and found that his room overlooked the helipad.
It transpires that the copter was coming in for tea break, according to the nurse who was checking on him, so I felt it would be OK to post these pictures, nowI knew that no-one injured was on board.
Mel is undergoing loads of re hydration and may need a transfusion before continuing chemo, but doing better since arriving here.
Feel better soon. xx


  1. oh our prayers will be with him for recovery and peace for the family.

  2. Sorry to hear your bad news Jo, hope he recovers soon and can continue his chemo.