Saturday, 4 December 2010

Hectic Day

The snow finally disappeared last night due to the rain, and I was able to get my car out of the garage for the first time in over a week!
Not that the car was snowed into the garage - it's just that the garage has a slope away from it towards the one behind it and there was compacted snow and ice causing my little rear wheel drive sports car to slip slide all over the place. There was no chance of getting it out of the garage gully way and down the hill to the main road that was pretty clear, and even if I did manage to get it off the 'estate' there was no way it would get back up the hill to come back on!
At least I was able to get to Falmouth today for a much needed mooch, and a craft demonstration at Trago I had been looking forward to.
I arrived early (9.15am) so that I could look through the fabric and curtain section before the craft demo at 10am. I need some fabric for some new lounge curtains, but as the windows are so tiny on the side and front normal ready mades don't fit.
I had an idea! OMG Not a good thing for me!
I would buy smallish ready mades (If I could find a matching fabric colour) and then split the pair to make two roman blinds. No I haven't done it before! It can't be that hard can it?!
The rear french doors are also smaller than average, so I have bought some 90 x 90 and will take them up and hope for the best, as I need an 83" drop!
Having found a perfect match for the colour, I purchased the correct sizes for what I needed, with a little help from one of the ladies working there. She was so helpful, and gave me some great money saving tips.
The 90 x 90 fully lined curtained cost me £49.95 and the 44 x 54, that I shall be cutting up, were £14.99.
Considering the cost of curtains made to measure these days, I reckon, if this works, I will have a bargain........ IF IT WORKS!
I wandered back downstairs and found Sarah from Do Crafts, and as I was the first to arrive, sat and had a chat. She remembered me from the last time I had been to one of her demos, which was nice.
I had an hour with Sarah and some other ladies who had arrived to join her, to get some new ideas, and then headed out to put my things in the car.
45 min's left on the meter meant that I could treat myself to a cup of tea and a tea cake at the water sports centre (or yacht club as I like to big it up as). Very enjoyable.
Then it was off to Truro. I had a wasted journey, could not get what I needed, and ended up in loads of traffic.
I finally walked through the front door at 3.30pm!
Having grabbed a toasted sandwich for lunch, I was now time to make some Christmas cards....
I managed to do 4, and then gave up. This cough I have left over from the flu a few weeks ago has been tiring me out, and the 2nd lot of antibiotics are not helping, so it's an early night for me..... after Strictly Come Dancing and Merlin of course!


  1. The weather is bizarre, up here in Liskeard, and where I work in St Austell, there was no snow at all!

  2. Hi Jo
    Great to see you back to posting.

    I hope your idea works out with the curtain material.

    Our snow has gone from here too as it rained yesterday, then last night it was very foggy and today it has been sunny however they say the cold weather is returning this week.

    I'll get back to you with answers to your questions soon - hopefully tomorrow.

  3. Well hello there. Sounds like a good plan to me. You must post pictures of the project.