Saturday, 11 December 2010

Party Time!

Christmas Party time once more, and we returned to Penmere Manor after last years success.
The company was great the food good and the duo singing DIRE!
It didn't stop us enjoying ourselves, however we think another choice of venue for next year may be the order of the day when I arrange next years LOL


  1. Was this your Work's do Jo or just friends? Pleased you had a good time even with the DIRE singers!!!! We've been to nights out with DIRE singers - which some people think are great! - lol - others thought they were so DIRE they were putting their fingers in their ears!!! A bit rude I think even if the singing is awful. Trouble is they were performing for free, I think!!!! And yes, they do performances where they charge!!!!!

  2. You look gorgeous! And I've never realised how long your hair is! xx

  3. Hi Ladies

    Yes, JG it was work colleagues, but they are my friends too which makes it great.

    Lucy-Ruth - I looked terrible, you are too kind, and ,my hair got bigger and fluffier as the night went on LOL

  4. What a lovely photo of you two - you do look lovely, Jo -and Paul very handsome. Well done on the blinds they look great!! love you both loads - Mom and Keith xxxxxx