Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Welcome Delivery

It has taken us some time to get to the stage where we could order our Oak Sideboard for the living room. Between Paul's work commitments and pre-booked holidays, it has taken a long time to complete the parts of this room that got us to this stage.
The floor went down in a weekend, as you saw a long while back in an earlier post.
The walls got painted once power points and tv cables were repositioned, and the curtains/blinds that I have made, have taken longer than expected, mainly because I've had the flu and did not want to make any mistakes whilst my head was full of nasty cold residue.
It came as a great surprise, when I received the call from the furniture company, to say that they could deliver our sideboard to us before Christmas.
Although they had said that they would do this when I originally orered it, I thought it highly unlikely, due to the snow up country, and how it was affecting the roads and transport in general.

and so, here it is! We had it delivered in an unfinished state. That is without wax or varnish, just beautiful sanded Oak, so that we can briwax it ourselves to match the colour on my Great Grans writing bureau that I love so much

The pictures were awaiting to go back up on the walls, so that we could position them correctly once the unit was positioned below them.

If you ignore the cream throws on the sofa, that are a mud catcher for Fred's paws, this gives you an idea as to how the sideboard fits with our room.

The briwax is sat in the kitchen waiting to be tenderly stroked onto the beautiful oak surfaces of my sideboard, and it will soon, be a deep medium brown, glossy finish.
All we need now is to add the wax to the unit and get a rug for the floor and the room will be finished.
A great start for the new year I think.


  1. That looks great Jo. I bet you are really pleased with it all now it's coming together.

  2. Room looks lovely - well done both Mom xx

  3. It looks lovely and, if I might say so, very classy :O)