Sunday, 29 May 2011

21st Century Pen Pals Finally Meet

It has been many years since I started to follow Jordiegirl's blog, and we have been corresponding via blog posts, comments and emails for most of the time that we have ‘known’ each other.

Then, last year, Jordiegirl found out she had won a competition for a weeks holiday in Cornwall.  Of course, this was a sign from the Gods that we had to meet finally!

Sally-Ann has also been corresponding with her, and so all three of us decided to bring our respective families along too.  This way we could all have lunch together too.

I have been so excited – daft I know, at my age, but I really feel like I already know her, so to actually have a face to face get together is wonderful.

We arranged that we should all meet at Treasure Park in Portreath, as they did a carvery, and we could have our Sunday lunch whilst we were there.

After meeting at the pre-arrange spot, we had hugs and started to chat incessantly, as if we had always done this!

Unfortunately, it turned out that the carvery was only being done during the winter, and so, after a couple of calls by Paul, we got booked into the Portreath Arms for their Sunday Roast.

We all had a wander around the Gold Centre, and Jordiegirl and her lovely son went on the 4D ride, before we had a coffee, and then headed on down to Portreath for our meal.


We made sure we got the very important picture of the three of us together, and then we got a lovely family shot of JG and her boys


Once we had eaten our roast dinners with very naughty puddings, we had a wander around the harbour


but not before getting a few pictures outside of the pub we had just eaten in



All in all, we had a wonderful time, and I just wish I didn’t have to work this week, as it would be lovely to be able to spend more time with my wonderful bloggie friend.

  Jo Anne


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  1. Hi Jo

    Just read your post - you got some great photos. I wish you hadn't had to work either as it would have been great to have met up with you again.

    I felt like I'd known you and Sally-Ann for years - we all just clicked!

    I'll do my post very soon, gotta upload my photos from my camera first.