Friday, 10 February 2012

Craft Guru At Your Service !

Before Christmas Brenda had asked me if I could show her how to make her own cards.

I’ve been making greeting cards for many years now, but even so was not so sure I would be any good as a teacher.  Never the less, I agreed.

Unfortunately that’s where the story ended as, up until now, due to the problems I’ve had with my chest and the side effects of the nasty steroid tablets I’ve been taking, I just didn’t feel up to doing anything.

I finally started to feel ‘normal’, and with a lieu day owed to me from work for some overtime that I had done, I messaged Brenda to say how about coming over to have a try at making some cards.

Brenda arrived with loads of old Christmas cards that we could up cycle into new card toppers for matting and layering projects, and the kitchen was overtaken with stuff from my craft room.  P2100003

The first order of the day however, was to make an acceptance for a wedding card.  Brenda needed something unusual, and I think we managed it.


Then it was time to explain matting and layering, adhesive types and choices, pairings and basically the fact that you can never make a mistake in card making, only a happy accident that can be transformed into something else.

That said, Brenda got stuck in, and was soon engrossed in her tasks.


and soon, a very proud Brenda was able to show off her first card projects.


She did such a great job, and had some wonderful cards to take home with her.

Great day Brenda, thanks for the company x

Jo Anne


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  1. Wow - a crafter in the making there Jo. Well done with your tutoring.