Monday, 6 February 2012

eBook Dilemma

For a while now, a couple of my friends at work have been talking about their Kindles, and how great they are.

Now, I have to admit that when they first came out I was dead against them.  The only reason is for the whole tactile, holding a book feeling.  Would publishers go out of business? What about the cover artists? Is this the beginning of the end for sitting quietly and reading a paperback on the beach or in the doctors or dentist surgery waiting room.

Having played out all of the pro’s and cons in my head, and by putting the question out there for all of my friends to give their opinions, I decided that this was the way forward for a 21st Century reader.

I had virtually enough money left over from Christmas and birthdays to purchase one, and finally made my way to Tesco to pick one up before I changed my mind!


At £89.00 it is the most expensive book I have ever purchased.  My reckoning is that, with the cost of books in charity shops being in excess of £2.50 now, it would be worth every penny if I could put at least 45 free books onto it before I started to purchase any.

On day one I downloaded 7 free books!

I love my e-reader!

I ordered a really cheap cover online, that has a built in light, and am now able to read at 2am if I can’t sleep, and it doesn’t wake Paul up!

I have to say, I am a convert.

Yes it did take me a while to make the decision, and yes I did have a play with a couple of kindles that belong to friends before I bought one, but it is a great buy.

My handbag is no longer stuffed with a heavy book, and in actual fact, I am carrying around 9 books in total….. a veritable library in my purse already!

Once I have exhausted all of the free books, I shall explore the 99p ones and the Daily Kindle Offer that is available online each day until midnight.

I am very happy with my decision, despite the fact I had reservations to begin with.

Jo Anne


  1. I've not yet been converted Jo but maybe one day!!!!! I never seem to have enough time to read these days, only manage a few pages at night when I go to bed.

  2. Thanks for such an interesting post. I'm still happy to use my library while we still have one! I didn't realise how many free books you can get for your kindle!