Saturday, 18 February 2012

Trago is Tops

Brenda really has the bug for card making now, and wanted to buy some essentials to get her started, with a little help from her craft guru (that’s me!)

We agreed to meet both her and her husband Eric, at Trago Liskeard, as there was also something quite big we needed to get if we could.


Having arrived at Trago about an hour before we were due to meet the others, we headed over to the bathroom department.  We need to replace our bath, as it is badly damaged, and this is the place to find a good quality replacement, very cheaply.


Having chosen, paid for and collected the bath, putting it in the back of Pauls cavernous estate car, we had just put the car back in a parking spot, when I had a text to say that they had just arrived.  Perfect timing.

We had a good old mooch around the craft department, filling Brenda’s trolley with glass cutting mat, craft knife, pokey tool (yes that’s what it’s called!), card blanks, double sided tape and peel off stickers.

We all even managed to get a few other odds and sods that we ‘needed’, before heading off for a quick bite to eat.

It was a great day, that proved to be very productive for all of us but soon it was time to head home. 

Our new bath was right at home in the boot LOL!


Jo Anne


  1. I love Trago! I get fabric very cheaply from there and stuff for the house and garden (and it's just along the road from where I live) - glad you had a good day out - love froogsxx

  2. Well done craft guru. Also well done at getting the bath you needed.