Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blog Buddies Meet

Both Sally-Ann and I have been following Sage on her blog for some years now, and finally we managed to arrange  a meeting between us all.

We had decided to take all of the dogs on a walk around the tracks of Portreath.

Sage’s two boys are large and full of energy, so will require some tiring out, and our two lads were up for the challenge.

We started off by walking up to the farm, so that I could see the Reindeer whilst they were resting between North Pole gigs.


Whilst there, we also managed to see the goats and hens.  Unfortunately  the piggies were persona non grata on this occasion.



Having taken some pictures of the animals we headed around following the path and came across a new development of holiday homes that are attached to the Gwel an Mor complex.  Not that we are known for being nosey, but we did manage to get some brochures and ask many questions to the poor unsuspecting  chap in the sales office!

It was then time to retrace our steps back down to the village and onto the beach.


The tide was way out, so we were able to walk around to the section of beach and rock  usually hidden by the tide.


The boys played and romped in the water (with the exception of Fred who is a wus when it comes to water), and finally it was time to say goodbye.


Two soggy black Labradors headed back to the car with their Mum, tired but happy from their walk and new found friends.

Meanwhile, Fred and I arrived home and crashed out on the sofa.

Sunshine, fresh air and walking with friends, a great way to spend the afternoon recovering from the ardours of work that morning!

Jo Anne


  1. What a lovely walk you had and great photos. Had to smile at you getting information about the holiday homes! Daisy is like Fred she's not to keen on the water either!
    Sarah x

  2. Jo, what a lovely write up.. you were right, the dogs were definitely soggy and then some lol... but really tired when they got home that afternoon... hopefully we can do it again sometime xx