Saturday, 24 March 2012

Day Tripping around Cornwall

It was too good a day weather wise, to pass up the chance of a day out.

We decided to use our National Trust passes and visit Trengwainton Gardens.

Upon arrival, we were disappointed…… it was the only day of the week that the place was shut! Typical…. Anyway the best days are the ones that go  to Plan B, so we headed off along the coast and soon arrived at Cape Cornwall.533351_3234598238041_1659241429_32650587_234696686_n534392_3234601318118_1659241429_32650590_1890153746_n

P3240040It was such a lovely day, despite the high winds when we climbed up onto the headland, but, very worth the views.

As we reached the car, we decided to have a gentle drive home up the coast via St Ives.  Then we spotted the sign for Botallock.

Paul is fascinated by the mining industry in Cornwall, and so we detoured off the main drag, and down the lanes towards Botallack Mines.


P3240071We got some lovely shots of the area, and then hopped back into the car and aimed for St Ives.

We parked up near the Tate and wandered up and down the streets, finally settling at The Hub for a cuppa and some supper.


What a fantastic day! Who needs a plan A when Plan B is even better!

Jo Anne



  1. Thank looks like an amazing day out we went to Cape Cornwall rather than Lands End when were staying near Gwithian last year. I wanted to go to Bollallack to take some photos but we never got there, so I have enjoyed looking at yours.
    Sarah x

  2. Ooh - very excited to see you've done a load of posts I need to read!

    Still haven't posted the photos from my niece's wedding although I have done a first post on the day - will catch up soon - I hope!

    Well at least you still had a lovely day out.