Sunday, 11 March 2012

An Impromptu Family Day

I had to pop out this morning, just as Paul answered the phone to his little sister.

An hour later, upon my return, they were still chatting on the phone…… would it not be easier to pop over I asked!

We were soon all together.  The roast chicken was in the slow cooker for our lunch, and I was mixing a cake batter to go in the oven whilst chatting, and catching up on University updates.

We ate our roast dinner and then decided that as we were all stuffed, it would be wise to walk some of the calories off.

We piled into Priscilla with Fred in the boot, and headed off down to Portreath for a wander on the beach.  The weather was glorious…


Paul had his new camera to practice with whilst Fred watched on, very bemused….


and then gave up to investigate the beach and pools


Sally-Ann and Hamish met up with us at this point….  It took Hamish a moment to realise we were up ahead…


Then it was off the beach and up Lighthouse Hill for a cardiac workout!




then it was a gentle walk down the mule track back to the village


A very unexpectedly full day that was finished with tea and coffee and walnut cake straight from the oven. Lovely!

Jo Anne


  1. Lovely day for you all.

    I haven't been on here for ages - I really must catch up with doing some posts soon!

  2. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your walk,glad you had such a lovely day.
    Sarah x