Friday, 18 May 2012

St Ives Again…

We leave tomorrow, so decided a  gentle day near the van was in order.

Sally-Ann and Mike joined us and we all headed down into St Ives. 

We couldn’t park in our nice spot by the Tate, so had to go back up the hill to the other car park and park there.

The walk down was ok, we got some lovely pictures over the church yard and back up towards Ayr. Unfortunately I can’t find the pictures on my camera!

We wandered around, Mom, Sally-Ann and I checking into all of the shops that may potentially sell jig saws…. it seems we are all addicted!

A quick pasty on the promenade, overlooking the harbour walls and beach, and then back to Keith at the van to give him his.


The steep walk back up to the car park was not so good. Two of us needed an inhaler and one of us had a funny fainting spell…. justified after that climb, but we were all fine once we got in the car thankfully!

Tonight we eat at the Trevithick Inn.  Mom has heard so much about it, she was glad to finally put an image in her head for it.

A lovely last day methinks.

Jo Anne

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  1. Yes, it's fine walking down from the car park but going back up is a bit of a killer!!!