Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tootling ‘round Trengwainton

Another National Trust day today, and this time Sally-Ann and Mike were also able to join us.


The last time we went to these gardens we were a little disappointed as nothing was in bloom.  Today, however was a different matter.  It looked like a completely different place.

The colours came at you from every direction, in the leaves of the trees and the petals of the blooming flowers.


Suddenly Sally-Ann and I got very camera happy!





Half way  around we took the time to sit and look over to wards Mounds Bay, before heading off again.


Marg had been telling me about when Karen (Paul’s sister) was younger and wanted to have a Panda for a pet, and keep him in the bath and feed him on bamboo shoots from the garden….. When we spotted this bamboo we couldn’t resist a  picture especially for her!


Nearing the finish line now…. over the bridge…


past the large tree, which we couldn’t find last time we visited, but which was planted the same year that Mike’s Mum was born…


and then, finally after a very full day of walking, back to the cafe  for coffee and cakes.

There was a lovely little play horse placed near our table just for the kiddies.

Of course I couldn’t resist, only to find I had an audience inside the shop, and I got a bang on the window and cheers from everyone!


Another great day out.

Jo Anne

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