Saturday, 19 May 2012

Olympic Torch Leaves Lands End

Its check out day today.  Mom and Keith go back to Birmingham and we try to fall back into normally ready for work on Monday.

Before all of that happens though, the Olympic torch begins its journey up country, starting just a few miles from us, at Lands End.

The helicopters came past us a short while ago and the noise was incredible, as they were flying so low.

On went our TV and out came my camera.  A cop out I know, but we didn’t have the time to travel to Lands End to watch it all, as we had to pack the car and clean the van before handing over the keys at 10.00am.

chopperlands_2224064atorch 1

torch 3

torch 4

torch 5

ainslie_2224065aThe images I managed to click are not great but I felt it deserved a posting as it was such a momentous occasion for Great Britain.

We packed everything up, and said some very tearful farewells to everyone, and headed back up the A30 towards our respective homes.

It has been a lovely holiday, and we can’t believe it is all over so soon.

Mom - Next year Devon?

Jo Anne

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  1. Holidays are never long enough.

    I've watched some the Torch's journey on the livelink. I even recorded the Freesat North East News programme on Friday night as the torch was up in my homeland of Northumberland. I particularly enjoyed watching Bear Grylls on the zipwire coming down off the Tyne Bridge onto the Quayside!!!!