Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dartmoor Prison, Postbridge and Burrator Reservoir

It was a trip to prison today, however en-route we wanted to stop by Postbridge and the Clapper Bridges that we visited when we last went to Dartmoor in our old caravan.

Having got some lovely images of the clapper bridge we turned around to find some wild horses taking an interest in us, and Fred tried to make friends.

Then it was onwards to the prison.  It was full of interesting history, but we found it a little disappointing in terms of what you were shown etc.

Burrator Reservoir was next.  We parked up and had our picnics and then went on a long walk around the one side of the reservoir.

We suddenly realised that we had to walk back to the car, and we were already knackered, so turned back and headed on down to the Reservoir main for some pictures across the reservoir.  It gave the impression of a large Scottish Loch with the mountains rolling behind it in the distance.

On the drive back to the site we stopped off once more for a coffee and cake.  Unfortunately we missed out on the cake as they did not know what they had left due to the busy time we arrived, but the coffee was very welcome.

Another tiring day of much walking…… I ’d better lose weight after all of this exercise!

Jo Anne


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  1. Lovely photos of Dartmoor your photos are so sharp too. We have made the same mistake with the walk around Burrator it took us ages to walk around it but unlike you luckily that's all we had planned for the day!
    Sarah x