Monday, 3 November 2008

Square Eyes

Just a note to Margaret and Kelly.......

You both have an awful lot to answer for.

Marg has got us hooked on Greys Anatomy - so we are now watching it online - we've done the first 2 seasons on Marg's DVD sets that she leant us and have up to season 5 to watch on line.

and Kelly - she decided it was imperative I watched One Tree Hill so we could discuss the merits of Lucas and Nathan - Who I said...... anyway in my birthday box that arrived were the first 2 season box sets - I watched the first on holiday and the second whilst Paul was on nights last week. What I did not expect was for Paul to get hooked on it as well. He sulks if I watch it without him. The 2 seasons went back to Kel and we are now nearly through season 4 already.

Don't you just love the Internet - you can watch pretty much anything for free if you find the right web site and don't mind Japanese sub titles!

Anyway - it's their fault if the blog doesn't get updated for ages - we are probably watching Meredith/McDreamy or Lucas/Nathan depending on the day or mood.....

Sorry how old was I again...... LOL

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