Saturday, 29 November 2008


Loads happening today.....

Mainly a Tech day event for the Fivers at Roger Collins at Probus. This is a day of information where all of the mechanics have made themselves available to assist free of charge for the owners and drivers of '5's in the area. They are very knowledgeable and able to answer all sorts of weird and wonderful queries that the group have managed to come up with.

Paul went along with Betty Blue to see what he could find out about taking the cam cover apart so that it could be polished up, ready for the shows next year.

Whilst he was there he was lucky enough to be able to get her up on the ramps so that he could inspect her under carriage, so to speak. During her time on the ramps the gents at RC demonstrated wax oiling - Betty was very lucky to have got her front wishbones done for free. Fantastic.

Meanwhile back at the joint, Sally Ann and I had a master plan! Truro was beckoning and so was the last of the Christmas shopping. We took advantage of the Park and Ride and had a very successful day getting the last few things that I needed.

We got back home just in time to walk into Redruth with Hamish and Fred to see the Christmas lights turned on.

Although we arrived after they were lit - it was still a nice walk and a lovely atmosphere with Pirate FM the local radio station on hand to play Christmas tunes for us whilst we walked around some market stalls with craft bits and food on sale.

We could not work out where the snowflake lights on the floor and shop walls were being projected from , but they were very pretty, despite Fred not being interested.

On the walk home the boys met some interesting brass friends...

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