Sunday, 9 November 2008

Pains and Plots

We decided to have a wander around Falmouth this morning and despite getting drowned in the rain and Paul not feeling well at all with pains everywhere in his chest and back it was a nice am.

This evening we went to our friends in Portreath.

So remember remember the 5th of November.......

It was the firework display there tonight. Yes I know is the 9th and not the 5th but it was still a fantastic display anyway.
By the time we got home a couple of hours later, Paul was in real pain with his chest and back and was finding it hard to breath. At this point I was getting worried. He couldn't get into a position that was comfortable and could not catch his breath.
It was at this point I really panicked and dialled 999. Something I have never done before unless I was at work and was calling for someone I don't know. When it's someone you love it's really scary!
Two men arrived in an ambulance, which threw me a little as I was expecting a motorbike or car paramedic, but apparently it's normal for 10.30 on a Sunday night. These 2 men were fantastic. He had a blood pressure check and was hooked up to the heart monitor.
All of this was OK thankfully, but they did hear crackles on his lungs and decided the pains that he was experiencing were perhaps an infection and he had panicked when he didn't know what the pains were or why he felt so rough.
They offered to take him to hospital for a few more tests but as his breathing was now under control he was happy to see the GP in the morning to get the final all clear.
Panic over - but boy what a horrible way to end a lovely day.
Huge thanks to the Paramedics that were so good tonight.

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