Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Lost Cause or Confidence Renewed?

Today was the day we were to lead the Fivers on an organised drive. Yes that's right we finally get to put all of those awful weekends of practice into effect for real.

We arrived to 1 car and thought - it's ok we'll get away with a small turn out and it won't matter if we go wrong and get lost - by the time we had had coffee in the Treasure Park cafe we were up to 20 people and we then began to panic in earnest!

I called ahead in advance to the pub where we were having lunch and confirmed the numbers before we took the bull by the horns and headed off with a convoy of 5's behind us and a walkie talkie in hand to keep in touch with the rear car.
The weather was really good to us. the skies turned blue and everyone had their tops down to enjoy the early winter sunshine and the brisk breeze on their faces.
The first half of the run went really well, and as we pulled into Marazion, St Michaels Mount sparkled in the sunshine with the sea a fantastic shade of blue, matching the colour of the sky.
We got a few choice photo's and used the facilities - that coffee was a bad idea first thing I think - then headed off for the final few miles for our lunch stop in Cripplesease.

This was at the Engine Inn - a very typically Cornish pub, and truly spit and sawdust type with the old slate floor and low ceilings. We filled the place, and although we had a little wait for the food to come, as we all ordered different things, it was a good stop off point.

After lunch we headed across country passing old engine houses and reservoirs and finally ended the run at Penventon Nursery where we had tea and cakes and wandered around the Christmas decorations - very festive.

The general feedback was very good, including a few nice comments about the dreaded Visio map I did for everyone to follow.

Thank goodness it's over, but we have to say now that we are home it was not nearly as bad as we expected it would be.

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