Saturday, 20 June 2009

A converted chapel hunt...

One of the girls at work mentioned a lovely old chapel they had found on their travels, that had been converted into a coffee shop, and did rather good cakes...

Mmmmmm we thought sounds good. Now all we knew was that it was near St Anthony in Meneage and Helford and there was a foot ferry crossing nearby and the car park had picnic benches and overlooked the Helford river.

and so, after Sally-Ann and Mike arrived with OS map in hand, we headed off in the general direction of where we thought it may be.

after a false start once we had reached St Anthony, and found that it was not the right place, we headed off to Helford for a visit and a walk with the dogs

The streets are beautiful, narrow and winding and the ford crosses the river that leads down to the main estuary that joins the sea

we crossed the ford and wandered up the far lane towards the walk that leads to the quay where the foot passengers can meet the ferry

the scenery was beautiful...

we rested at the quay and had a wander on the rocks

Fred and Hamish enjoyed themselves down by the waters edge.

Then we had a slow wander back to the car..... Fred wondered what Hamish was doing up there when there was a perfectly good puddle to wander through..

passing some beautiful flowers on the way

and then we were back at the car park - and yes it was the right one - we had found our Nirvana for that day - the converted chapel.

and the car park with the picnic benches and view

we stopped and had our picnics and allowed Fred and Hamish to get a fuss off of a passing dog lover

and then started driving back towards the lizard

clicking away from the car as we drove past some interesting spots for visiting on future jaunts

Sally-Ann and Mike brought along their national trust passes and we parked up at Kynance Cove to walk the dogs once more and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We have been here for a little over two years now and we still cannot believe there are place like this on our doorstep within a 40 minute drive from home!

We walked along the high tide coastal path and looked down on the coffee shop 300 feet below us - well of course we went down - tea and scones were calling our names!


and Fred asked so nicely he got a bit too!

after taking pictures of the view from ground level so to speak

then it was the long climb back up to the car and a photo opportunity and chance to update our MX-5 owners club profile picture

we had a wonderful day and our faces were certainly glowing from all of the sunshine by the time we got in tonight.

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