Saturday, 6 June 2009

Kitchen and Hols

The kitchen is coming along nicely now, and we have Jon coming in on Tuesday and Wednesday to fit the 3 work surfaces and cut the holes for the sink and gas hob.

Jon is a master carpenter and Paul was really impressed with is work building office space and making doors from scratch, when he did some stuff at the place where he works.

Unfortunately Mark, who we were going to have fit the work tops, is rammed with work and we are at the bottom of his list. His loss is Jon's gain - he's a great chap and we know that his work is good. It's all done by hand (non of there electric gadgets for him) hence the day and a half to do the work - it will be worth it I think though.

In the meantime, we have had an invite from Karen (Paul's sister) from Birmingham to go up and join her for her 40th Birthday. We are actually on holiday for that weekend and shall be up at BAH (Blue Anchor Hideaway) so will do the trip up there just for the day - it's about a 2 and a half /three hour drive, but we have Fred with us and cannot leave him home alone, so we shall return the BAH the same evening.

We will only manage about 2 hours with Karen and Dave, but at least we also get to see Mommy Marg and Keith too.

Fred is a good lad and will sleep the journey, and only demand a short walk on arrival, a little food and water and then he'll be happy to go back to sleep in the car whilst we mingle.

I have sent a quick text to Kel to see if we can see her on our whirlwind visit, and hopefully we will get to meet my Godson to be. Dylan for the first time.

I'm off now to watch Paul contemplate the fitting of the extractor fan over the non existent hob that he began to fit last night. Then, watch out Fred, your are next on my hit list - it's bath and haircut time methinks.....

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