Monday, 1 June 2009

Kitchen Warzone 6

Sorry - it's been a bit of a mad week here and I've been a little lapse in my updating, however here is what has occurred, kitchen wise, in picture form:

Firstly, Paul fixed the pipes that were all in the wrong place for the dishwasher....

Sharon and Chris lent us their camping stove so that I could do more that microwave food...

The cupboards got placed in the approximate position...

and levelled up....

Doors started to get put on the new units

the extractor hole got cut through the outside wall for the tumble drier extractor

The new work surface got placed onto the newly placed wall in order to set the levels

and Paul hand made a carcass for the freezer and added some back venting to allow the freezer some cooling space

all in all a very busy week for Paul, but he's doing a grand job!

The kick boards and handles have been fitted where possible

rear view of freezer with lovely little vent!
Well that's all folks - more to come as it occurs - meanwhile I've placed a call in to Mark to see when the work surfaces can be fitted for us.

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