Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bennetts Take The Beach!

When we had the call to come to the beach today, I did not expect to see this.......
Yes I've been to New York.
Yes I've met the Naked Cowboy.
But have any of you ever met the Surf Cowboy!!
Simon did a smashing job of taking this title and making it his own! Meanwhile, the others got kitted up, (as normal surfer dudes) and headed on down to the water for a splash around and some fun

Little Sara took a while to get in and paddle, but after a little friendly persuasion, she decided that sitting on the body board in an inch of sea water was an acceptable experience to endure!

Soon it was time for the second session in the sea, so we got a quick piccie before they all rushed off again

It was then the weary walk back up the beach, and the stripping off of the wet suits before heading home to relax.

What a tiring afternoon..... and I was only watching and taking pictures!