Saturday, 21 August 2010

Glam Lam!

I am so sick of not having enough money to do anything on the house, and always seem to be robbing Peter to pay Paul, so to speak. Since I had my stints in hospital in January and February, our accounts have just taken ages to recover from 5 weeks of little or no salary coming into my account. Even with the sale of the static caravan, and the money that gave us, things seem to have taken their own sweet time to fall back into place.
And so, with the misery descending on me, I decided to see how much it would cost to re lay some new laminate in the living room.
The old stuff, that you can see in the picture above, was a really pale maple like effect, that the previous owners had laid (very badly) and it was chipped and scratched to within an inch of it's life. I could not take looking at it any more!
Having got a quote from a flooring company, that reached nearly £800, my general mood of dissatisfaction got worse.
It was at this point we remembered we had nearly 2 packs lefts of a deep chocolate brown laminate that we had used in the hallway when we first moved here.
I worked out we need to be able to cover about 25 square foot, and we had about 3 square foot already, if we used the same stuff. I went online to check if our local DIY store still did that make and colour...... Bingo, and they had a third off, for this weekend only. The really cheap packs now got even cheaper! We did not even need the foamy underlay, as we had some left from last time.
A quick trip down to HB (you know where it is if you think about it!) DIY store, and we got the 8 packs that we needed to be able to complete the job. And the cost you ask? (bearing in mind we had not got anything to pay for it) £100! it went onto the plastic, and was worth every penny of worrying about the bill. Look at the results....

It went down in about 11 hours, over the Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, and all we need to do now is to refit the skirting board, which we managed to get off unscathed so that it can be re-used.

A relatively cheap do over of a room that had not had a thing done to it since we moved in three years ago.

A lick of paint, which we already have, and it will be a whole new room. Thank Gooodness!

My lovely hubby even agree's it was what we needed to cheer ourselves up and feel like we are still managing to achieve something towards finishing the house.


  1. oh it looks beautiful and fresh! (My kitchen floor bothers me and I keep wanting to do something to it!) What a great price you paid! Good job!

  2. Sorry I have not left you any comments lately,I "lost " your blog and a couple of others,when my computer crashed,I have only just got everyone back on my blog.
    I like the new floor,personally I prefer the darker floor to what you had before.
    I have enjoyed looking at all the photo's from posts I missed,you always seem to be doing something interesting.

  3. Your room looks great Jo, what a fantastic makeover.

    I'm desperate to have my living room and dining room redecorated and have new carpets - but again it's the money that's stopping me!!!