Sunday, 22 August 2010

Portreath Harbour Fun Day 2010

It's Harbour Fun Day once more in Portreath, and I wanted to have a go at selling some cards on Sally-Ann and Mikes front balcony/porch area.
Along with my box of cards, was a lovely rack that held all of Pam's paintings. We could only try...

Whilst Paul and Mike relaxed and watched the goings on from their birds eye view on the balcony, Sally-Ann and I had a wander around and checked out all of the festivities

We were lucky enough to see the animals from Gwen-an-Mor and Feadon Farm. There were many birds of prey, voles, toads, and snakes.

I was fascinated with the snakes, and although Sally-Ann has a terrible phobia of them, she was very brave and got close enough for the zoom on her camera to work, and she got a few pictures of me holding one.

Along with the live animals, were bones of long since dead ones, it was great to see, as it gave us an idea of how large some of these beasts got.

As we returned to the safety and relative relaxed atmosphere of the balcony, the competitions began, firstly with the swimming race

and then the raft race

everyone headed off with great enthusiasm..... I ran along the harbour to intersect them at the cut and spotted an old fashioned Punch and Judy show, which the kids were in awe of....

and finally returned to the harbour head once more, to see who won the race

The guys with the two bath tubs and kitchen sink strapped together just made it to the finish before they sank!

All in all it was a great day, and it wasn't until we started to pack up that the rain started to spot. Well done Mother Nature, you timed it right for once!


  1. I read Sally-Ann's version of this on her blog but I still enjoyed reading yours too.

    Do they really live that close to the harbour? They are very lucky living there.

  2. This looks like a ton of fun. Maybe they should have had the swimming during the raft race as it looks like those rafts were not very sea worthy.

  3. Hi Jo, No wonder it's taken you a while to post all those photos, read Sally Anne's blog while I was waiting for your next post - and left a message - see, I do as you tell me sometimes! Enjoyed reading about the Harbour Fun day - you do have some lovely events down there! Love to you both Mom x