Sunday, 29 August 2010

2010 Tide Race

Where did the year go? It's Tide Race time again, and we arrived well into the race, when the castles were getting to the height that may save it's builders and ultimately win them the race.

The gentleman you can see above, was very busy tamping down the top of their castle with a heavy duty metal spade - no plastic beach spades for this team!

There were plenty of people on the beach watching, and despite the fact that we arrived having timed our arrival with the incoming tide, it still seemed to take it's time to come in, and, as the wind picked up, and the chill cut through us, Sally-Ann and I gave up and headed on back for a warming cup of tea, leaving Paul to tell us who had won......

Unfortunately he only lasted 30 minutes more than we did, so we have no idea who the winners were this year!

Good effort everyone!


  1. You do have some fun things happening down your way. Hope something good is on when we holiday down that way next year.

    Been waiting with bated breath for your next post.

  2. Looks like a fun day,I would never have thought it was so cold by the photo's,beautiful blue sky and i assume some sun?
    What is it about building sand castles that makes us act like children.? I suppose it shows that we never really grow up.!!!