Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lost in Heligan and Mevagissy

We awoke this morning to the most glorious blue skies and sunshine. It's only 13th March, the weather is completely wacky!
Not wishing to miss out on this wonderful day we decided to take a trip up country to have a wander around the Lost Gardens of Heligan.
It has been a long time since our last visit, we reckon it was about 1994, so there are bound to be many more changes.
Take a walk with us around these beautiful gardens...
Can you spot the sculpture hidden in the trees below?

What views!

We wandered amongst the Lost Valley, and the Jungle gardens

Although the skies were blue and the sun was shining, it was still a little chilly, but as the day wore on, the layers of clothing started to come off.

We stopped by these wonderful red flowers to eat the little picnic lunch that we had packed for ourselves, and then it was time to wander on once more...

These doves looked lovely against the blue skies

The glass houses were found and renvations began in 1991. There were not available to the public on our last trip here all those years ago.

The warmth of the day was starting to show on poor Fred, either that or all of the walking!

This very large goose took a dislike to Fred, who was only being friendly!

on and on we walked..... taking the occasional rest.....

Once we have walked our little socks and paws off (about 10 miles all told) we headed on into Mevagissy for a wander around the harbour.

Such a wonderful day!


  1. What a lovely day out you had.

    I hate geese, don't like the way they hiss at you and seem like they are always going to attack.

  2. The last time I went to the Lost Gardens, would have been late 90's and I was suffering one of my frequent bouts of bronchitis so those benches came in handy... lovely place and have made a note to go and visit it again xx