Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth Hour

At 8pm I was trying to do a catch up on my blog reading, when I came across a post about Earth Hour starting at 20:30 that evening. I'd forgotten!

I did a mad dash around switching off everything electrical that I could, and then found my bag of candle lights (which hadn't been used since I set the house on fire one Christmas many moons ago - long story!).

The candle lights got placed all around the kitchen, the scrabble board came out, a gin and lemonade for me, and a glass of red for Paul, and we were set for an evening of no TV, no music, no lights..... just an old fashioned, we have to talk to each other now, kind of evening LOL

We actually had a lovely night..... two games of scrabble later (Paul won one and I the other) and suddenly it was 22.30pm and we had done two hours not one!

such a small thing to help our beautiful planet, but such fun!

1 comment:

  1. Our little town had the highest drop in electrical usage than any other place in British Columbia that night.
    The local marijuana grow ops (apparently we have lots) must have taken one for the team and shut their lights and fans down for an hour. Lol.