Monday, 21 March 2011

An Attempt at Jamies 30 Minute Chicken Pie

I don't know about the rest of you, but Jamie Oliver's latest 30 Minute Meal programme has actually inspired me to have a go! Everything looks so tasty, and easy to make!

Unfortunately, I didn't keep the series linked episode this little pie was on, and had to do the pie filling from memory. Thankfully, there was not a large amount of ingredients to remember.
The pie turned out really great, and I know this because Paul actually said "well have that again!" High praise indeed. Normally I have to beg him for an opinion of the meal I have made.
The downside? The kitchen was a disaster zone once it was done, and the gas hob was covered in spatter from the frying off and cooking in the pan pre pastry top.
Only the greatest cooks create a mess, that's what I say!
Thanks Jamie Oliver - You Rock!


  1. That pie looks absolutely ace. Tell me tho, did you REALLY have it all done and dusted in 30 minutes?

  2. Hi Jane, Yes I really did. 25 minutes actually. Having said that I didn't do the pudding, or veg that went with it LOL. I'm sure that a bot of practice would sort that though.

  3. That looks extremely tasty Jo. Well done. I very rarely experiment with cooking as hubby is very boring when it comes to food and he would have fillet steak every day if we could afford it!!!! (Have to win the lottery to do that though!).

    I sometimes experiment on days when I know he isn't going to want anything cooked for tea and it's only myself and MN or when my sister and her husband come to stay.

  4. That looks lovely, I did a chicken and leek pie with mushrooms and sweetcorn from the bbc good food site but changed the potato topping to a puff pastry crust and got faint praise for it.. always looking for inspiration for meals xx

  5. ooh, that does indeed look scrumptious! I will have to give that a try!

  6. YUMMM! This looks so tasty!! Ohh I love chicken pie!! :) xx

  7. Could you please send me the entire Chicken Pie meal recipe to my email address please
    Thank you