Friday, 25 March 2011

Venue and Accomodation Hunting

I have two days holiday booked, on a use them or loose them basis, and they have come in very handy.

Without going into detail, as it's all very hush, hush at present, I have been roped in to help a committee find a venue, entertainment and accommodation for a Dinner Dance for 100 people in 2012

I spend all day yesterday on the Internet, making telephone calls and doing costings. Eliminating some venues, adding others to the mix, and arranging appointments for today to visit and meet with the short listed possibles

I picked Sally-Ann up very early, and we headed off for the first appointment..... No I can't tell you where, or what for! This makes my post quite difficult to write LOL

Our first 3 stops were to look at accommodation in the form of camp sites and chalets, and also a barn conversion for the possible Dinner Dance

The camp site was fab! They have done the sort of thing we are needing before, and can accommodate a LOT of people and tents.

Next was the barn conversion - Oh dear! Very basic! Not to the standard we were expecting or wanted and an instant No!

Then onto the chalet/cottages. The people who ran this place were fantastic, and handed over the keys for an empty unit, and just left us to our own devices to explore and establish how appropriate it would be.

With 120 units, that hold between 2 and 6 people in each, we could fill the place without trouble.... did I mention that there would be possibly 1500 people minimum involved the day after the dinner dance!

Superb - not yet midday, and we have the camp site and chalets sorted already!

Our next destination was about 20 minutes away so we headed off, with the sun shining on our heads, and it was now warm enough for the lid to be down on the car, the blue skies sent our spirits soaring....

We had a very productive meeting at our favoured venue, and were able to talk menu's and seating arrangements. Now it was a case of going back to the committee and offering them a proposal for the evening and weekend as we saw it.

Before leaving the area we visited a local hotel, on spec, and had a show around and were able to see bedrooms to establish if we could also offer this as accommodation for an alternative.

I finally dropped Sally-Ann home just before 5pm, and despite the long day of meetings and driving, we were very happy with the outcome, and very excited with what we had arrived at.... fingers crossed that it would be approved of.....

More cryptic posts to come no doubt...

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  1. Lovely post even if very cryptic and good use of your 2 days of use it or lose it holidays!