Friday, 29 April 2011

A Right Royal Day For A Wedding!

The day had finally arrived.

Every television show, newspaper and radio station had brain washed us with information about the Royal Wedding since it was announced back in October.

I was sick of hearing about it!

And then something happened….. I was watching Emmerdale, as you do, and the episode came to an end, with the next one to play in half an hour – pretty normal for a Thursday evening.  The difference tonight was that nothing was playing on any other channel, so I left the TV on the same channel.

The next programme to come on was the only interview that had been recorded with William and Kate following their engagement.

I watched it, and began to fall under this lovely couples spell!

Maybe, just maybe, these two young people will manage to change the Royal family and bring them into the 21st Century, and make them a more approachable and welcoming Monarchy.

Anyway, I diversify….. Although there is a public holiday in the UK, I had to work.

We all sat in the office with a growing urge to see Catherine’s dress as the time came closer for the car to collect her and take her to Westminster Abbey.

We tried to get onto the internet, but the BBC News website was crashing constantly with the entire world trying to access it…. and then we had a life line.

Sally Anne, watching from home, was taking pictures on her phone of her TV screen and messaging them over to me for us to see:


during this time, we were able to see the updates on the test side of the News reel on BBC’s website, but along with the pictures being sent, we were able to live it with them

kate and wills carriage

she was getting some fantastic pictures, and even got the kiss! Only 3 professional photographers in the world managed to get the kiss, but Sally Ann did it too! Good eh!

kate and wills kiss

I finally finished work, and came home to 5 hours and 40 minutes of recording to watch.

It was all very romantic – Wonderful!

Jo Anne


  1. Just like me Jo, I too had watched Emmerdale and left it on the same channel for the next episode and watched the interview with the two of them which I had not seen before as like you I wasn't interested! Shame you had to work. I did what Sally-Ann did, took photos from my TV screen but on my camera and have saved them to my computer.

    I do hope the paparazzi don't hound them like they did Diana and they have the chance to live in some sort of normality for as long as possible and enjoy their life together. Hopefully there will soon be the patter of tiny feet too.

    I wish all the very best for the future.

  2. Here in Canada there is a lot of folks who think the Monarchy is redundant. Why do we need someone from another country representing us? etc. But I love our connection to history, I love being part of the Common Wealth.
    I'm glad you got to see snippets of the wedding, better than nothing. And thank goodness for replays!