Saturday, 2 April 2011

Wedding Outfit Hunting...

The event of the year is approaching. NO! Not Wills and Kate, but Paul's sister Karen, and her beloved Dave. I therefore need to find the perfect outfit so that I don't let her down.

Alison and Alison talked me into a big shopping trip so that we could choose a style, length and colour that may be appropriate.

Please excuse the stupid faces - Alison pointed and clicked just focusing on the dress and not the face!

So..... Answers on a postcard please, so to speak

1. Pretty Woman does the polo match, but in Navy with Beige spots.

2. Long length Purple lycra with purple satin jacket.

3. Red Poppies on Black dots with a red jacket

4.Black lycra with purple flowers and purple satin jacket

5. Floral 50's with bright blue jacket

6. Mink net over white satin with baby pink three quarter sleeve jacket

7. Navy fitted embroidered beige stitched floral with navy jacket

What do you reckon? Can you guess which one we decided on?

Whilst I was paying I spotted this at the cash register - Classic eh!

Having found the outfit, we had some lunch and mooched around for matching shoes, before both Alison's and myself agreed we were completely shattered, and therefore it was time to go home.

It was a long but really lovely day of laughter, and many compliments from total strangers, so a great boost to the confidence, despite the dodgy pictures LOL.


  1. I'd have chosen for you either numbers 4,6 or 7 - but whichever you choose I'm sure you'll look great and have a lovely day :)

  2. I like the purple number with satin jacket, but you look good in all of them xx

  3. Well done Jane, and thanks. I did indeed buy one the dresses you chose. :-)

  4. Thanks Sage, that was my 2nd choicem but it was really difficult to decide between the top 3. I finally bought the one all 3 of us agreed on.

  5. I won't comment on the face pulling in the photos - promise!!!!

    Well, personally my favourites are 3 the Red Poppy one and 5 the 50's style. Read is my favourite colour. However I know you didn't buy one of these from a comment you have made. Love to know what you chose. It looks like there was plenty to choose from and I'm sure you did buy the right one for you.

    Must admit I am not splashing out on a new outfit for our wedding of the year, I am just wearing the same outfit I had for my niece's wedding as there will be no-one there who was as her wedding so no-one knows I wore it there, other than the bride's grandmother who I showed it to and us, of course!!!!

  6. I know! I've seen it and it is lovely. Not saying though as it's more than my life's worth!! You'll have to keep guessing :-)

  7. I love the dress you wore! Bests choice!
    I see my mum is wearing the coat I bought her! ;)