Saturday, 9 April 2011

On The Hunt For The Doctor..... Martin that is!

P4090032 Filming began in Port Isaac for the next season of Doc Martin last week, and as we had awoken to glorious sunshine once more, we decided to head on up there for a mooch around, hopefully before the holiday makers turn the place into an inaccessible nightmare rather than the haven that it is.


Everywhere you turn you can recognise doorway, and buildings as being the ones used on the show. In the picture below is the Doc's surgery and also the 'restaurant' that was started up in the last season.

It really is a lovely place.

Even the school is recognisable, but is unfortunately a very expensive place to eat in real life!

We had some lovely walks around the headland and back again, catching some lovely shots of the village in the process.
I got the obligatory shot of me in front of the famous door of the 'surgery' and the view from the door
P4090050 What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.


  1. What a super place it looks and just the right location for a trip out before the holidaymakers arrive :)

  2. Lovely views, thanks for showing us around.

  3. SOH delivers cream to Port Isaac, and has already bumped into Martin Clunes who apparently was really nice about not letting the filming interrupt the day to day activities of the locals lol xx but you had a lovely day there, we plan to get up there on the motorbikes sometime this year.