Sunday, 17 April 2011

Anniversary Run to Lands End

We awoke to a blue sky and the promise of a warm sunny day for the Anniversary Drive to Lands End.

We drove down to Treasure Park, near Portreath to await the convoy coming from up country to join us, and as the car park filled with one MX-5 after another, we snapped away with our cameras.

In the meantime, a friend from work, who is a semi-professional photographer, was clicking away with his 'real' camera. Szymon had agreed to follow us for the day and take pictures of us all at Lands End, and en-route if at all possible.
By the time the other cars arrived from the Liskeard and Fraddon convoys arrived, we had 40 cars. The question then became, do we have to travel with our lights on as we were a convoy of more than 25 cars?
To be on the safe side, most of us abided by the rules, and we all headed off on the 25 or so miles to Lands End, with Symon bringing up the rear to get any shots he could.

We stopped briefly for the rear of the convoy (20 or so cars, us included) that took a wrong turn and had to find the front group once more, to catch up.

Then it was Lands End all the way. Symon was left taking pictures of everyones cars in the enclosure that had been provided especially for our group, and we headed on down to the restaurant for the meal that we had booked.

Having eaten, we then enjoyed a cake cutting for the anniversary cake that was made especially for the day.

Having eaten, we headed off the the signpost where two of the cars were positioned an posed for our group picture.

Szymon and Barbara were being very patient, and getting plenty of wonderful shots for us, and we were thrilled when were were one of the chosen group to be able to take our car right onto Lands End for pictures.

We had a fantastic day, and some wonderful pictures were taken by Szymon, and placed onto a website especially for us, so that we could purchase the ones we liked. You can have a look on the following website here :

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  1. Wonderful Jo.

    When I was little our family went to Lands End on holiday and had our photos taken at the sign post - of course back then in the 1960s they didn't have that lovely paving around it!

    Your car looks fab.