Sunday, 12 April 2009

Farewell Forever

This morning I gave up a dream..... a dream of a sun room, where I could sit in the sun during the winter coolness and read by books, or do my sewing.
When we moved to Cornwall, nearly 2 years ago, I made Paul promise that my old conservatory furniture would be kept so that I could make use of it when we built my Sun Room.
The commencement of the work in the garden finally put a stop to the big green blob that had sat under tarpaulin at the bottom of the garden, since we moved.
When Paul unwrapped it, although it was still dry and furniture looking, it was also covered in mould, and the eggs of some kind of small creepy crawly creature type thing - Urgh!
I finally gave in and allowed Paul to take it all to the local rubbish tip.

Bye Bye Sun Room Dreams....... sob, sniff, boo.
Hello much much bigger garden suddenly!

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