Thursday, 30 April 2009

Two Whole Years in Cornwall

I cannot believe that two years ago today we were piling everything into a huge lorry, loading up the trailer and driving down the motorway for 6+ hours to start our new life in Cornwall.

All of that stress was well worth it though. Our lives are so different down here. The air is clean and smog/exhaust free. The evenings are peaceful, its a rarity to see an aircraft in the sky overhead, unless it's a coastguard, on a rush job to save a holiday maker from the cliffs, and every Wednesday evening we get the faint drift of the church bells in Carn Brae village, as they practice their ringing for the weddings etc.

Don't get me wrong, when it rains down here it really pours it down, but I only ever see the place with blues skies and sunshine and the promise of great things in our future.
Two years down, roll on the next 50 or so!

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