Saturday, 25 April 2009

Singing in the rain - literally

Last night it rained - and it did not just rain - it poured - at 3am we were awake and reading our books because of the noise of it on the slate roof tiles and smashing against the windows.
Anyway it has not let up all day, despite me promising my friends that their holiday down here will be sunshine filled - yeah right - sorry guys!
This afternoon we went off to see Singing in the Rain at the theatre in Redruth, done by the local amdram society.
It was fantastic, despite the chaps flies being undone in one scene, and a mike being missing and someone rushing off for it in another scene. It was well done, well acted and had a huge amount of scene changes which they pulled off really well.
The rain scene was a triumph - it had real water coming from above the stage onto a pad for the Don Lockwood character to dance his famous scene on - wonderful.
Then we had to walk home - and you guessed it - it was raining!

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