Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Visiting Friends

I have been like a bottle of pop for a good few days now, as my friends are coming down to visit me whilst they are on holiday in Cornwall.

And more to the point, I get to meet little Wilf their new beautiful baby boy, who was born in September, for the first time.

I made scones and got some proper Roddas clotted cream for an afternoon cream tea, and was able to coo over little Wilf and catch up on all that has happened since we last met up - and that was about 2 years ago just before we moved here!

I love being Auntie Jo Jo, and despite Fred's very curious interest, he was actually quite good. Despite trying to climb over everyone to get to the soft toys.

They have only been gone a short while and I'm missing the little man already - and you two guys of course!

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