Saturday, 28 November 2009

Before and After....

Right! So this bundle of mud and fur is what we have had to put up with for the past few weeks!

Yes he's a little cutie, and yes he knows to get on the towel after being in the mud patch that is our garden, but he really really smells! Auntie Helen like to clip him with a dirty coat, so he has to stay dirty by hook or by crook!

Hooray! this morning he got his cut and is pulling every little trick to show us he is still the little cutie he has always been LOL

Bless him - little does he know that the bath is calling his name now that the excess coat has gone!
Perhaps tomorrow though, after all, he has had a very exhausting day today!


  1. He looks so like Hamish in that last photo and so smart too! :-)

  2. hi, i'm a fellow westie lover from across the pond. i have a little boy westie named Billy. his favorite activity is to torment me and make me open the door to the outside for him 30 times a day, just because he can. i've enjoyed your stories and pics about Fred...

  3. Hi Soodie - are you sure you aren't talking about Fred too - they must be related LOL - thanks for your comments