Sunday, 1 November 2009

That Pesky Psoas....

Since I started going to Pilate's back at the end of April, my awful back pain has subsided and I no longer have to see a chiropractor/osteopath every 4 weeks or so.

In fact since April, I have only had to visit him twice, this is most definitely a great testament to the wonders of Pilate's, and the very knowledgeable Mel, who teaches us.

Anyway, to get to my story.... as you are all aware (from my profile info) I am the proud owner of a flashy crystal blue sports car called Betty Blue.... she is beautiful and spends most of her life with her lid down so that my unruly locks can feel the wind, and become even more tangled than they normally are!

In an effort to ensure that she stays beautiful, Betty gets garaged at the end of each and every outing. Unfortunately, because of all of the accumulated possibly useful in the future' stuff' we have acquired over the past 2 and 1/2 years, it has become increasingly difficult to open Betty's door, once in the garage, to exit her lovely sleek little profile.

After one such outing, I parked a little nearer to the wall and 'stuff' than normal and only lefty about a 2 inch gap to climb out of her, and PING! upon twisting my leg into the available gap my Hip Flexor (Psoas Muscle) popped and then...... PAIN!

and O M G what PAIN! - this was back in July.

Mel got our her anatomy charts and showed me what the muscle was and how it could affect my movement, and suggested some lovely stretching moves that would help with the release of the muscle and aid it's repair.

God Bless Mel!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the pain is still there, and since our initial decision of the cause, we have decided that due to the length of time it is taking to heal, and the areas of movement that have been affected, that some of the 'attached bits' (no that's not the technical term) got torn - this means a long drawn out process of healing.

Meanwhile, Mel, being the complete anatomical genius that she is, has given me yet more moves to help release this pesky Psoas Muscle, some of which are the Cat Stretch, Shoulder Bridge, Leg Slide, Side Stretch, Clam, and of course the 'doorbell, letterbox, catflap combo'. There is also this rather awkward looking thing I do lying across a hard foam roller with my legs stretched out - it pulls the Psoas out long and feels fantastic!

One of the bits of information about the Psoas Muscle that Mel found out, is that is affects your mood, and depending on it's state, that's how you are, if it is relaxed and happy so are you - yeah right! - Well you know what? I reckon, having laughed about this, it must actually be true, for the last couple of weeks I have felt totally miserable, and this can only be down to my Psoas feeling miserable too - No Kidding!

I know that it will be a long haul, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and with any luck, my sleepless painful nights will soon be over!

Thanks Mel - without you and Pilates I would have gone do lally tap! Roll on Monday nights class!


  1. As I am reading this I have an ice pack on my sciatic area. Pinched nerve is the story of my life. I can barely walk as it has gone right down to my ankle.
    I will look into this before I go to a physiotherapist next week. I had some major shopping to do yesterday and had to leave the store barely making it to my car.

  2. Oh my Gosh Lori, poor you, I can certainly sympathise. But please please please, get in touch will a fully trained, qualified Pilates Instructor, she will be able to give you some moves so that it won't happen again, and will ease the pain you are in now - I promise, it works - this is coming from someone who always though that exersize was a naughty word! If you want some more advice contact Mel on her Pilates blog - the link is in my Blogs I follow list - she may be able to advise on someone local to you, even though you are across the pond x

  3. You are a sweetie, thanks. I will definitely have a look.
    My physio lady is into pilates as well.

  4. No problem Lori - Look after yourself x

  5. Sorry to hear about your psoas Jo, hope you and they feel much better soon. I had a taster class in pilates and enjoyed it immensely just up here it is hard to find a class to suit my working hours and not have to travel miles to get to.

  6. bless lovely of you to say those words, I have tears in my eyes!!!
    By the way, how many guys in that class at 7.30!! way hay!!!
    check out my facebook status too...the SAS now doing Pilates..ha ha!! love it! Surfer Dude bought along his mate, and has many more to come along too...!
    was thinking about you hip flexor today, and why it still hurts, even tho you have tight hip flexors (most chicks do) wondering if youve pulled an inner thigh muscle as well to boot!!