Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Gok'ing Great Day!

Gok Wan has a lot to answer for, if you ask me!

For the last 2 or 3 weekends there have been repeats of Gok's shows on E4 - Not only How to Look Good Naked, but also Gok's Fashion Fix.....

Now, not only is Gok THE bloke you want with you whilst you are shopping, but he also speaks a great deal of sense, and certainly makes a girl feel more attractive, even if it's not you that it actually being Gok'd so to speak.

Anyway, to get on with the story.....

Having been watching all of his programmes I decided a few changes were needed - not only does very little in my wardrobe fit any more, but what does fit is about 18 months, two years plus old and worn and washed to death....

I started off small - knickers! - yep they virtually all ended up in the bin and I started all over again with sparkling new pieces that actually fit me, and not leave me with a huge muffin top of fat that did not quite make the tiny expanse of fabric that was there!

Once this was done, I was starting to get it! Gok is right - only a few key pieces are needed for your wardrobe, it's just trying to decide on what and how these pieces can work in your real life.

Two very large bags of clothes, that don't fit, later and my poor wardrobe is pretty bare - so much so that it astounded my poor hubby - enough for him to suggest a shopping trip to get some essentials to tide me over.

A this point it is 8.30 am - if we pull our fingers out, he said, we could get to the railway station and catch a train to Plymouth ( a 2 hour drive away) to see what we can get for me.

Now an offer like this does not get turned down - especially when the credit card was being offered!

Despite the pouring rain, we walked the 20 minutes down the hill towards the train station and managed to catch the 10.30, which would get us in at 12 noon.

We had a lovely stress free ride into Plymouth (our first visit there too) and walked on over from the train station to Drakes Circus the big shopping mall.

It all started to well - the sedate train ride the stack upon stack of lovely shops and a credit card at my disposal..... two hours later I had still not spent a single bean! I think it's been so long since I have needed to do a serious clothes shop that I have forgotten how to do it!

At 2pm we gave up and headed up to the restaurant in House of Fraser to grab some well deserved lunch, and to review the situation.

After Lunch, and deciding on a few pieces that both Paul and I liked, we headed back to good old M&S for a trying on session.

Success - some casual trousers and four tops were purchased.

All I need now is a new pair of jeans and a couple of jumpers for the winter and I'm all set.

Despite the frustrations of the day, and taking so long to get into the groove, we had a smashing day, and better still Paul got to close his eyes for a bit on the journey home - not something you would want to do if you were driving!

Thanks Paul - I had a great day, and I've probably got the best hubby in the world for offering to do this for me!


  1. You are certainly very lucky, and yes I think he must be the best husband in the world. No way does mine do shopping especially for me!!!!

    Glad you found something you liked. I always find that when I go shopping for something I really need I can never find something I like, but when you are not particularly looking for something there is loads of stuff on the shelves that you like/want!! C'est la vie!!

  2. Lucky you... Glad you got something in the end...

  3. He does sound like a wonderful guy - glad you had fun. I bet you got great new pieces for your wardrobe.

  4. What a great hubbie to spend the day with you and still have a sense of humour at the end of the day lol, I think I have little patience with shopping for clothes, I definitely could do with some of Gok's time :-)

  5. Thank you dear lady for your comment

  6. photos of what you purchased please! can I borrow the credit card as well...thanks..x