Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Carpe Diem - Sieze The Day!

OK - so the static caravan has not sold yet, and we have no money in any hidden back up pots of gold - we live to full a life to be able to save LOL, however this was a bargain that we just could not say no to!
Having emailed Sally-Ann to see if she fancied a trip to Truro this avo, as I had some Christmas presents, and Dee's birthday pressie to buy, she suggested popping along to see this van, that they had spotted that very same morning!
(This is not actually the van, it was too dark to take a decent photo, but it will give you the idea)
The chap who owns it at the moment has already replaced it with a newer version and had to sell fast or incur double costs, so we managed to get it for a real bargain, a lot lower that we ever thought we would get a van for, and it included a brand new awning, new tyres, the electric hook up cables, all the anti snake towing equipment and the aqua roll water barrel, along with loads of other stuff I just cannot remember!
The inside is immaculate, and has new stainless steel splash backs in the kitchen area.

It even has the more expensive cassette loo so that you have non of that horrid blue fluid to dispose of that I remember so 'fondly' from my childhood!

And so, despite the lack of funds, it was decided in about 5 minutes flat that this was a chance that we just could not miss. If we waited until the static sold we would not find anything so cheap or in such good condition again.

Hence - Carpe Diem!

We have been able to get a pitch in a secure compound that has security cameras and someone on site 24/7 and it will cost us a fraction of the annual running costs of our BAH. Bonus!

Meanwhile, with a little help from some fantastic friends the cost of the van is covered temporarily for us.

Along with same fantastic friends, we shall await the spring weather and do a little test run to Dartmoor for a long weekend to try it out - I think it will be a whole new learning curve in driving for Paul, but he is looking forward to the challenge.

And NO - we shall not be the bain of Jeremy Clarkson's life, and drive 15 miles per hour on the motorway whilst towing it - it won't go as far as the motorway! It will however, give us the opportunity to explore Somerset, Devon and Cornwall to it's max

We Can't Wait!

Well done to the dynamic duo for such a fab find, and for making it happen for us x


  1. It was our pleasure. There was no way we were going to let you miss the chance of buying this van as it's perfect for you. You wait - we'll have some great times on campsites and no tent to erect and dismantle in the pouring rain!! Big bonus xx

  2. So pleased you managed to find a bargain, hope you have many happy holidays with it.

    You have such kind friends.

  3. You'll have to let us know when you're going away and we'll come down and stay on the same campsite as well!! J,P & O. x

  4. Fab idea guys - can't wait x