Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Good Life ....

Today we got the keys to our new toy - the chap who sold it to us included loads of equipment so there is pretty much nothing that we need to buy, despite what we thought when we first got the idea to do this.
Of course no caravan would be complete without a cocktail bar - and ours lights us when you open the cabinet door! We really are in the sitcom now - just call us Margot and Jerry! LOL

I'll be the one wearing a floating green caftan and Paul will be in the burgundy velour evening jacket LOL We even got the glasses included! Shame the bottle of gin didn't get left too Ha Ha

The curtain are pink velour (mmmm nice!) and will clash with Paul's evening jacket, but hey ho this is camping so anything goes don't you think?The large yellow thing on the floor is the awning
which should be good fun trying to put up the first time!

Here's me pre caftan mode lounging in my new holiday abode

and here we both are auditioning for the Good Life re-runs - what do you mean Not Posh Enough for Margot and Jerry's part??? Are you kidding - we are caravanners now - Total Class Ha Ha !!!


  1. looks lovely, bet you can't wait to get out and about in it

  2. Hey, take your shoes off. This is a fancy, schmancy place.
    Have loads of fun and remember to get a nice bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme to whiten your coffee on those COLD mornings. Believe me. I have been there and done that.

  3. Ha Ha - thanks ladies - and Baileys in coffee for breakfast eh Lori - I'd never've thought of that and of course it means that the cocktail cabinet gets used all day long LOL x

  4. Loving your new caravan. Looks similar to the one our friends have.

    Hope you have many a happy holiday in it.

    Sure you'll both be great as Margot and Jerry - lol.

  5. Trust you have acquired some orange and brown crockery for your cupboards and ...take your shoes off!!!
    PS my 1950's caravan has a mirror lined cocktail cabinet and is very swish indeed.It doesn't go anywhere these days and is happy at home.May post a photo of it for your enjoyment.Come on over!

  6. YAY, how exciting! It looks like so much fun - have a great time!