Sunday, 6 December 2009

Battling the Beacon

OK - so today's title is a little dramatic, but hey - those winds were gale force, and we really did have to battle against them to get to the top of St Agnes Beacon!

Once we started on up the hillside, we realised that, not one of us was as fit as we should be! Sally-Ann has a bad back, my hip is still very painful, Mikes eyes are very sore and hidden behind sunglasses still, and Paul damaged his back at work, so I need to book him in with the wonderful Nigel and his Magic Hands.... (that's the osteopath from work for those of you who are new to my blog!)

the walk up the hillside was well worth it for the views we were getting

and once at the top Fred stopped to admire were we had come from, despite the wind flattening his hair to his head, bless him!

Paul and Mike braved standing still long enough for a picture

then it was time to head back down, this time on the other side of the hill, so were were actually able to breath for a while against the wind, which had taken out breath from us on the way up
The four boys went on ahead, whilst Sally-Ann and I took a few long shots of the distant rainbow, that you can just make out to the off centre right of the below picture

We had a lovely walk that really blew the cobwebs away, and even better, the heavens didn't open til we got back to the car!

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